Allegra pretty theft

The parents of Thérèse and Denise Voise have just passed allegra pretty theft and Thérèse delays entering a convent to take care of her younger sister. Max, a young mechanic and unrepentant seducer, takes advantage of Denise, who then tries to commit suicide.

To make amends, Thérèse requests that Max marry Denise. Vedreba is a loosely-structured, visual poem that follows the plots of Pshavella’s epics and talks about pride, honor, revenge, and mourning. Philippe Gerbier, the head of a Resistance network, is arrested by Vichy police on suspicion of resistance activity. Acquitted for lack of evidence, he is nevertheless sent to a concentration camp. Living in a town near Munich, four waitresses at a topless joint decide to take a few days off work to visit sunny Gran Canaria. Following the travel agency’s recommendation, they finally arrive at this dream hotel by the beach, filled with high expectations of having a good time.

Mother Krausen lives with her adult children — daughter Erna and son Paul — in miserable conditions. Their apartment consists of two rooms and a kitchen. To pay the rent, Mother Krausen rents out the good room to a troublemaker, who earns his living as a petty crook. Wohnung hat zwei Zimmer und eine Küche.